Animated Display of Water Quality in Maryland's Tidal Waterways

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources utilizes monitoring stations throughout the Chesapeake Bay and its surrounding tributaries in order to assess the quality of the water. These monitoring stations collect data on parameters that are important for life to thrive in the waters such as dissolved oxygen, dissolved carbon, etc. The purpose of this map is to show how these parameters change over time. Details about these parameters can be found at the Chesapeake Bay Program Data Dictionary. Large and red icons denote readings of concern, while small and green parameters icons show areas of good water quality.


Color Parameter DO - Dissolved Oxygen
Size Parameter CHLA - Chlorophyll-A

Current Day: 01/01/2011

Date Range: 01/01/2011-01/01/2012


Stay Time

Show Labels

Threshold Values



: > 5 : < 15
: > 3.2 but < 5 : < 50 but > 15
: < 3.2 : > 50
Station Name

To run the map, use the controls found on the right. On the top is a textbox to set the current day. The dropdown lets you specify the preferred parameters. The delay sets the speed at which the map runs. The parameter information shows the threshold values used for determining the station's condition for the given parameter. On the bottom is a table showing the stations and parameter values that have previously been mapped. Scrolling over a value pauses the animation and displays the appropriate value on the map. More information about the map can be found at our technical report.

Developed by Chris Rackauckas and Jeffrey Rackauckas